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Philosophy and Poetry

I have just finished two remarkable books.

The first is by a neat philosopher named Mortimer Adler, called How to Think About the Great Ideas. He uses the Great Books of Western Civilization to introduce and develop topics like love, peace, justice, punishment, human nature, democracy, progress, and much, much more. I could not speed read through this book; it was simply too dense. It was a mental workout, and it did a splendid job of whetting my appetite for more.
How to Think about the Great Ideas: A

Around the same time, I finished a poetry anthology, Americans' Favorite Poems, edited by laureate Robert Pinsky. This is the first book of poetry that I've read all the way through, and, like Adler, Pinsky has definitely whetted my appetite for more.
Americans' Favorite Poems: A

Halloween Dance

The school's annual Halloween dance took place in (COLD!) barn last night. I wasn't so impressed with the dance, but there were some really funny costumes. My sister and her fiancé, David, dressed up as a cookie and the Cookie Monster, respectively. I went to the dance as the Fire Lord, along with my friend Ashlen, the Ice Queen. My roommate dressed up as Kain, a vampire character from a video game series.

Last night was also the last night of shaving for the next month. Campbell Hall takes No-shave November seriously. So, I got in one last clean shave and a haircut (after washing out all of the spiking glue).