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From July 26

I had a long workday today (6:30am—7:00pm), so I came to the Snow Lodge to see if the rumors about faster internet are true. Well, apparently there is no connection at all over here in the Snow Lodge. So instead of doing internet things, I did some computer upkeep work and listening to Philip Glass. It's hard to believe that I am leaving in less than 3 weeks now. I will miss all of my friends terribly. I will probably never see most of them again, possibly with the exception of those many friends from Finland if I decide to ever study abroad in Helsinki. I would definitely like to see Mircea and Mirella again, and when I take my tour of Europe, I will certainly have to stop by Moldova to pay them a visit.

I'm typing slowly – and rather elementary – because I am learning a different keyboard layout called Dvorak. I began learning it when I attended The Master's College but my classes necessitated that I stick to what I know, which was Qwerty. Hopefully I can have it down wel…

Update from Yellowstone,,, Finally

I managed to get a ride to Bozeman today, so I am updating my blog at the library. Work is going well and I've met lots of great and interesting people. In fact, I'll probably meet some of my Finnish friends again in San Fransisco at the beginning of September. Honestly, it has been refreshing to get away from the overtly Christian atmosphere of Sterling College and live in a more "party-savvy" place. My uncle and aunt came down last weekend, taking me around the park and telling me stories of when they lived here. I've been working longer hours than most of my friends and am earning a little higher wage, so my pay checks have been 100-200 dollars more than theirs. Also, I've joined the 100 mile hike club, finishing my 100 miles a couple of weeks ago.