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Looking Back on Rangerhood

Since I've only two more weeks to "do that ranger thang," I feel I am in a good position to reflect over how this summer has impacted me. First, some pictures:

Three cave pictures. Some popcorn, frostwork, and some flowstone in the third picture.

The magical elevator building, built by the CCC in the 1930's, along with the shaft.

Readouts from the anemometer stationed inside the Natural Entrance.

In the ready room, we have everything we need to do the tours, including the iconic ranger uniforms...

...and an army of flashlights. These are the stingers, the brightest of the three we carry.

Next to the only natural entrance into Wind Cave, one of the longest, oldest, and most complex caves in the world.

I'll begin my reflection with some frankness - I don't want to be a ranger "when I grow up." It has been fun for a summer gig. I've got to see parts of the cave that few people ever get to see. I've learned how to explore the backcountry of the cave. I…