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Limbs, Limbs, Everywhere

Today was the first official day of finals, but they were all postponed, due to a massive ice storm that swept through all last night and most of today. We knew it was getting bad last night when we started hearing limbs being torn off of trees due to the ice accumulation. Weather reports said we had about an inch of ice accumulate. The power was out for most of the day, and limbs are still falling from trees. Some students had limbs crash into their cars; luckily, nobody on campus was hurt (at least not to my knowledge). The entire town looks like a war zone. All I could think of all day was that this place looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland - straight from the movies. It's eerie. I walk along the streets and see limbs, limbs, everywhere. I hear limbs falling around me. I am afraid to walk under trees, because they are all sagging dangerously low to the ground, ready to snap.

I took some pictures around campus. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the best one yet. At the …