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One More To Go

Well, another school year has ended. Next year, I'll have my own apartment. And I'll be 21. And I'll be part time. And I'll have a job. It's going to be nothing short of amazing. Although I must say that I don't think anything can touch how great this semester has been, particularly because of two very great friends: Stuart and Scott. Sadly, neither of them will be around me next year, so I'll have to find new friends with which to get into trouble.

Also sad (but on a whole lower level) is that I couldn't finish The Making of the Atomic Bomb before it was due at the library, and since I'm leaving for the summer, I'll have to finish it next semester. It's been a good book so far, though. In the meantime, I'm getting I'm reading the decidedly shorter (and easier) Atheist Universe. So far it's good. I'll give you my full reaction when I'm finished.