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Books Abound!

I've completed two more books since my last post - both for my History of the Novel class. Northanger Abbey, as was expected from Jane Austen: a very pleasant read, just about equal to what I imagined it to be. Wuthering Heights proved itself very disturbing, but a disturbing that I enjoyed immensely. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this novel at all, but I was "oh so mistaken."

Allow me to comment on the weather! Woo-hoo! We're seeing sun, and even some warmth!

Play practice is coming along fine. My character is starting to materialize. Corin's been hard for me, because, for the first time, the character that I play isn't over the top. I can't quite decide how to make him shine, but I think I'm getting close.

Finally, expect to see an update concerning a certain camping trip coming up within the next few months.


A New Semester

I know I haven't been too faithful this semester in keeping my blog updated. Mostly it's because nothing exciting is happening - just business as usual. I'll start off by posting the classes I'm taking this semester:

Western Culture and History
World Literature II
Greek II
Intro to the New Testament
Human Social Context
Swing Band
Saxophone Choir
History of the Novel in English
Jazz Combo

In addition to these classes (19 hours), I'm in the Spring Shakespeare play, As You Like It, as Corin, a shepherd. Also, I've been recruited by the debate team here on campus to start practicing debate to see if I want to try out any tournaments.

I must admit, this will probably be the busiest semester I've had since starting college. Many of my classes are reading-intensive. Besides textbooks, I have 24 books to read, 14 Novels for History of the Novel, and the others from classes like World Lit, Western Culture, and Human Social Context. That's almost two books per week!

Oh, for…