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Settling in at Yellowstone

The first string of pictures out of Yellowstone... will not be shown now. Unfortunately, the internet connectivity at the park is very limited. In fact, I'm not able (at least today) to upload pictures on my blog.

Most of the geysers in the immediate area are all concentrated in a large, barren area, as the photos will (eventually) reveal. Some of the thermal features are more solitary, such as "Solitary Geyser."

Today was the first day in a while that these trails have been open. The park closed off many of them due to dangerous bear activity. The thermal activity here is absolutely astounding. I hiked alone, which isn't wise, but I called a friend and talked loudly to him as I hiked in the forested area in order to scare off nearby bears. There have been many sightings lately. One of my friends here had to abandon a hike because halfway through she witnessed a bear up ahead chasing a bison.

I spent about three hours wandering the geyser trails today. Tomorrow is my fi…

Arrived in Yellowstone

Finally, I'm here at Yellowstone National Park. The Greyhound ride was next to unbearable. If possible, I will try to find an alternative mode of transportation for the ride back. However, I did get to meet James at the Sioux Falls bus station. As it happens, he is working the same position and I. We talked a bit on the bus and decided to room together. There is only one other building between my dorm ("Columbine") and Old Faithful.

The park is as beautiful as I imagined. Yesterday we entered the park, registered, and went through orientation at Gardiner, on the northern border of YNP. The park is basically organized into a figure 8. Old Faithful is located on the South-Western section of the 8, nearer to the bottom than to the middle. It was about a 2-hour drive from the top of the 8 to Old Faithful, and on the way, the bus driver spotted a black wolf. We pulled over and got out to enjoy it, because apparently a sighting of a black wolf is very rare. The driver said that…