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Tonight I finished The Stranger by French author and philosopher Albert Camus. It instantly became one of my favorite books. The story is short. The premise is simple. Ward's translation is beautiful and I think accurately conveys the tone of Mersault into English. Camus effectively put me in the skin of Mersault, and by the end of the book, I saw the world as he did: dispassionate and absurd.

Spring Semester

This semester will probably be the most relaxed I've ever had. I might even get a job this semester. As I'm typing this, in fact, I'm at Cool Beans listening to Ben Edwards and other musicians perform music. Last night, I tried to induce a musical high by listening to Binaural Beats. Then I laid out on my futon and listened to Pink Floyd. I really need a job. And I need to start some serious work on my senior project.

My classes are:

Environmental Science - I'm really excited about this class, because the environment is one thing in which I'm emotionally invested. Open discussion about environmental issues and a teacher that is actually a scientist (one of the few teachers on campus who accepts evolution, thank God).

Intro to Physical Science - Not excited about this class. Taking it pass/fail.

Concepts of Physical Fitness - bleh.

Folk Dance - Hell yes. This class is awesome. We've learned like 5 dances already, and we're going to learn a ton more by the end of …

Quandaries Episodes

I've been lazy and haven't posted the entirety of the Quandaries episodes. But here they are now:

Love & Relationships
Boundaries of Science

I'm not doing Quandaries this semester. Instead, I am co-hosting a show with Brian Allen. We'll be going through several different genres of music in a music appreciation extravaganza. Our goal is to get our listeners to expand their musical interests.

Winter Road Trip

December 28, 9:30am: Deposit $300 into my bank account and leave Hutchinson with Google map directions.

12:30pm: Arrive in Kansas City. Eat at Panera Bread with Katie. Then, we drink Boba tea at Tea Drops and take pictures in a red phone booth.

3:15pm: Leave for Ursa, IL.

9:00pm: Arrive in Ursa. Meet Brian's family. Play Apples to Apples. Sleep.

December 29, 10:30am: Depart for Chicago with Brian.

2:30pm: Realize Google Maps is leading us in a wild circle around Peoria, IL.

3:00pm: Realize Peoria IL is far outside the fastest route to Chicago. Realize it was foolish to come on trip without map. Stop in a gas station and figure out good route.

5:30pm: Entering Chicago an I-55. This is as far as we'd planned. We simply picked a road that traveled right into downtown Chicago. Panicked, I try to contact several friends who live in Chicago for advice. We pick up Sharon from the train station, find a parking spot, and meet Christina and Sarah at a deep-dish pizza restaurant.

8:30pm: All of …